10 Frequent Errors in Surya Namaskar Observe And How To Keep away from Them

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Have you ever ever gone by means of a actuality examine in your Surya Namaskar apply? Surya Namaskar for learners is commonly mistaken as a mere bodily exercise that’s carried out as a preliminary apply for an extra yoga session.


Understanding Surya namaskar past its bodily postures is useful to keep away from the frequent errors that each newbie commits.

Each aspirant has been instructed that Surya Namaskar is the core of yoga since a lot of the conventional texts declare that no yogic session is taken into account profitable till the Solar is worshipped. Nevertheless, frequent errors learners usually are likely to make by avoiding a number of parts of this apply, i.e., both pose alignment, breath coordination, mantra chanting, or conscious vinyasa.

Due to this fact, this piece of data is framed for the learners to keep away from the frequent errors and grasp the 12 poses of Surya Namaskar.

10 frequent Surya Namaskar errors

Each particular person has a distinct life-style thus totally different physique approaches for yoga. Nevertheless, each newbie tends to aim these frequent blunders whereas working towards Surya Namaskar.

1. Improper warm-up

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Surya Namaskar entails the complete physique which calls for energy and adaptability. Newbies usually lack each and leaping proper into the poses of Surya namaskar results in worse penalties, viz, muscle cramp, damage, and many others.

Due to this fact, earlier than commencing into surya namaskar apply, embody gentle stretches, head, shoulders, wrists, knees, and hips rotation into your warm-up routine to boost the vary of movement and lubricate the most important joints of the physique.

2. Underestimating the importance of breath syncing

All of the 12 poses of Surya Namaskar are organized in a specific sequence following a set respiration sample.

Newbies usually are likely to both lose the importance of synchronizing the breath with the strikes or ignore it for sake of completion of the rounds. It is not going to fulfill the specified outcomes and finally lose the essence of Surya Namaskar for which it’s thought of the King of the yoga poses.

The respiration sequence of Surya namaskar is a should as a way to get most of its fruitful advantages. The sequence often begins with one deep inhale and exhale in standing tadasana, then every pose of the collection is adopted within the inhale-exhale cycle. Ultimately, the sequence ends at exhalation in standing tadasana place.

3. Ignoring the spinal elevate within the half-lift poses

spinal lift half forward bend surya namaskar
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There are particular transitional poses within the Surya Namaskar apply that learners are likely to neglect or don’t acknowledge properly. Particularly, skimming over the Ardha Uttanasana whereas lifting the torso from the Uttanasana is a typical mistake.

This not solely restricts the practitioner from lengthening the backbone and reaping all of the attainable advantages but additionally exerts pressure on the neck because of much less oxygen consumption and swift transition.

So, subsequent time you attain the switching section from Uttanasana to Ashwa Sanchalanasana take a breath in to elevate the entrance of the chest and place your fingertips on the ground or the palms on the shins. Then, proceed the apply as such.

4. Shedding spinal integrity

The backbone ought to be completely engaged all through the whole Surya namaskar sequence and it’s inevitable to keep up spinal integrity. Nevertheless, in poses like plank learners often attain improper spinal alignment by dropping the decrease backbone to the ground. This incorrect alignment of the backbone to achieve the plank results in decrease again ache.

Due to this fact, if a nasty again is one thing that you’re left with, each time you allow your yoga mat following the Surya Namaskar, then that is the error that you’re making an attempt. To maintain the backbone erect, press the toes and palms to the ground and maintain the abdominals and higher physique engaged.

5. Unable to discriminate between the Cobra and Upward-Going through Canine Pose

cobra pose bikram yoga
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This error is kind of frequent amongst learners in addition to superior practitioners. Folks usually get confused between the cobra and upward canine pose which leads them to one thing in between, which is of no use.

Mastering every pose individually is thus a pre-requisite to keep away from such a scenario. Within the case of cobra and upward canine, specialists counsel mastering the cobra first that finally prepares the physique for the superior upward-facing canine pose.

In cobra pose, whole legs, pelvis, and even ribs lie on the bottom. Plus, the palms are positioned on the ground according to the center of the chest. The palms are then pressed on the ground, the elbows are saved bent whereas the chest is lifted and the backbone is prolonged reasonably. Nevertheless, the upward-facing canine pose is carried out maintaining the legs and pelvis off the ground.

6. Extending the knees past the toes within the low-lunge

low lunge mistake surya namaskar
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Whereas transitioning from Downward-facing canine pose to the low lunge, it’s difficult to carry the foot ahead between the palms with out hyperextending the knees.

The goal muscle tissues of low-lunge are the hip-flexors which don’t get any profit if the knees are hyperextending. Alternatively, this may exert stress on the knees and trigger ache.

For this, one should first drop the knees first earlier than stepping the foot ahead to be positioned between the palms.

7. Specializing in the variety of rounds

“High quality all the time guidelines over the amount”, this golden rule can be utilized over right here. Due to this fact, don’t rush to extend the variety of cycles in your Surya Namaskar apply.

As a newbie in solar salutation apply, doing solely two rounds following the right approach is sufficient to achieve the advantages. Growing the variety of rounds too usually tends to lose the right strategy of working towards the 12 Surya Namaskar poses.

Due to this fact, attempt to carry out two rounds of Surya Namaskar on alternate day s and steadily enhance to 2 rounds per day. Then, additional, enhance your units maintaining 12 rounds day-after-day the last word objective.

8. Leaving the cycle incomplete

surya namaskar practice guide
Full cycle of surya namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a cyclic apply that begins and ends within the Prayer pose. Nevertheless, learners typically don’t perceive its significance and suppose that the simple poses just like the Prayer pose or Raised arms pose may be skipped.

It is very important full the primary spherical of Surya Namaskar earlier than stepping in direction of the second, in any other case an incomplete cycle is taken into account insignificant.

9. Going by means of the 12 units in a single go

12 units comprising of 9 rounds every is taken into account as the normal approach of Surya Namaskar. Generally, learners take this as a problem to undergo all 9 rounds in a circulation.

This isn’t the right approach of approaching Surya Namaskar. Don’t forget that it isn’t a contest. Like another yoga apply, it’s all about exploring oneself and acknowledging one potential.

Keep away from the concern of shedding the momentum and take breaks at any time when wanted. Reaching the ground to loosen up within the little one pose or respiration deeply to realize energy within the down canine pose is advisable.

10. Working towards intensive rounds with out mindfulness

For an efficient Surya Namaskar apply, full mind-body consciousness is a should. Nevertheless, learners usually discover it difficult to maintain the thoughts targeted on the postures, breaths, and approach.

To keep away from this error, greatest approach is to chant to respective mantra for every pose and concentrate on the breath whereas transitioning between the poses.

Tricks to make Surya Namaskar a simple method

Some key factors that each newbie should know to apply Surya Namaskar with curiosity and enjoyable are:

  • Observe Surya Namaskar within the night hours to get began. That is so, as a result of, within the morning the stiff muscle tissues aren’t able to undergo such an intense exercise. Nevertheless, within the night hours, muscle tissues and joints are extra versatile.
  • Attempt to apply it in an out of doors setting to attach with the atmosphere. If it isn’t attainable, then, working towards it indoors that too in a ventilated and spacious ambiance will do.
  • Keep in mind the right respiration sample by starting with inhaling whereas arching the again to carry out Hasta Uttanasana after which exhaling when switching to the following pose.
  • Together with correct warm-up, the Surya Namaskar apply should be adopted by a correct cooling down sequence. Some enjoyable poses just like the little one’s pose, thunderbolt pose, and the corpse pose is a should to carry the physique temperature again to regular.
  • Make Surya Namaskar a constant apply and keep away from skipping it to have it constructive affect on min, physique, and soul.


Surya Namaskar for learners should not sound that daunting and complicated when practiced following this method to keep away from any mistake.

Together with mastering the 12 poses of Surya Namaskar, align your physique and thoughts, and don’t forget to chant and breathe to take pleasure in this apply whereas making probably the most out of it.

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