Bhu Mudra (Mom Earth Mudra): The best way to Do and Advantages

‘Bhu’ is a Sanskrit phrase meaning ‘earth’ and ‘mudra’ means ‘hand gesture’.


The Bhu Mudra is a hand gesture that signifies our connection to mom earth. The phrase ‘Bhu’ can also be derived from Bhumi Devi or Bhudevi who’s the Goddess of Earth within the Hindu faith.

This mudra is a grounding mudra that’s also called ‘the gesture of the Earth’. It’s practised within the cross-legged sitting place. By performing this mudra in a sitting place, you’ll be linked to the earth and nature.

Bhu mudra for Root Chakra

Yoga mudras for 7 chakras work completely from the very fact our fingers include principal nerve endings which can be linked with chakra centres.

The root chakra is the primary chakra of the vitality system current in our physique which is liable for grounding and stability. Therefore whereas doing meditation for balancing root chakra, you possibly can carry out the bhu mudra for constructing the connection. Additionally, whereas on this mudra, you possibly can chant the bija mantra for root chakra-LAM 

The best way to do Bhu mudra?

  • Sit in a cushty meditative posture, like lotus pose or straightforward pose
    • It is strongly recommended that you just sit immediately on the bottom for the improved impact of this mudra. Nevertheless, if as a result of any motive you’re unable to take action, you possibly can at all times sit on a chair or any snug seat.
  • Gently be part of the ring finger, little finger, and the thumb by the guidelines. The index and the center finger must be straight and relaxed. 
    • Be certain that to not put strain on the tricks to the purpose of it being uncomfortable. 
  • Together with your palms going through down, gently contact the bottom along with your index and center fingertips.
    • For folks sitting on the chair, ensure your toes are firmly positioned on the bottom and your index and center finger shall be positioned on the thigh, barely above your knees. Your palms must be going through downwards.

You may observe the bhu mudra whereas performing Pranayama or chanting the bija mantra for the basis chakra.

How lengthy ought to observe Bhu Mudra?

Ideally, most hasta mudras or hand mudras must be carried out for 45 minutes a day. As bhu mudra is among the hasta mudras, it is best to observe it day by day for 45 minutes at a stretch or for quarter-hour, 3 instances a day.

The very best time for meditation or yoga is early within the morning when the air is contemporary and the world is simply waking up. The calmness of the daybreak shall be useful for a relaxed and contemporary thoughts and it is possible for you to to pay attention.

Advantages of Bhu Mudra

  • Because the bhu mudra can also be related for the basis chakra, it helps in activating the chakra and grounds the individual training the mudra.
  • Practising the bhu mudra additionally supplies stability, consistency, safety and endurance. It’s because when putting your index and center finger to the bottom, you’re transferring the surplus vitality in your physique to the earth. It’ll even help in correcting your posture.
  • By offering stability, additionally, you will be capable to let go of tension and stress. Dealing with any state of affairs with out worry will turn out to be simpler. By this, your confidence can even get enhanced.
  • You’ll really feel linked to nature and the planet as a complete. While you observe bhu mudra amidst nature, you turn out to be conscious of your environment equivalent to birds, bugs, grass, and even the folks. This consciousness helps in constructing a connectivity to life and can enable you to construct belief and compassion.
  • Spiritually, additionally, you will be capable to nurture the vitality of Goddess of the Earth, Bhudevi.


Bear in mind these precautions when training Bhu mudra

  • Put on snug garments when performing a mudra and keep away from distractions equivalent to cell, TV, radio, music and so on.
  • Don’t stretch your index and center finger excessively. If you’re unable to maintain your fingers straight, preserve them somewhat curled. The purpose is to keep away from any discomfort which can trigger you to lose any distractions.
  • For the reason that bhu mudra is related to the earth factor, folks with extra Kapha dosha ought to observe this mudra moderately one of many principal components of this dosha is earth.


Mudras assist in directing the vitality into completely different components of the physique for the betterment of bodily and psychological options of the practitioner. It prompts your root chakra which is able to enable you to turn out to be secure and grounded. By bringing consciousness to your setting, you’ll really feel a way of solace by taking you away from the fast-paced and technological world.

Begin practising the bhu mudra and really feel the surplus vitality drain off out of your physique and let mom earth construct you up and nurture you from the bottom and all through your physique.

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