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Circumstances That Can Trigger Anger Points

Understanding precisely what causes anger might be troublesome. Whereas particular occasions could lead to you feeling indignant, there are additionally root causes of anger points that may develop as early as childhood.


A latest research concluded that the prevalence of intense, inappropriate, or poorly-controlled anger within the normal inhabitants is estimated to be virtually 8%. Although everybody experiences anger sometimes, persistent and uncontrolled anger isn’t as widespread. Practically 90% of the folks within the research who exhibited uncontrolled anger met the standards for a minimum of one psychiatric dysfunction.

The reality is, psychological well being circumstances typically contribute to how indignant somebody will get and may be the underlying causes of anger points for lots of people. 


Many individuals, and even some medical doctors, consider melancholy solely as emotions of unhappiness mixed with an absence of motivation. Anger is often missed as a symptom. Even the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide of Psychological Problems, Fifth Version (DSM-5), which is the diagnostic go-to e book for psychological well being suppliers, omits anger as a symptom of melancholy.

The truth is, although, that anger is a widespread symptom of melancholy, whether or not it’s expressed outwardly or hidden.

One research discovered that the presence of “anger assaults” in folks with melancholy is roughly 30% to 40%.


There are a number of sorts of obsessive compulsive dysfunction (OCD). All of them have various levels of undesirable photographs or ideas (obsessions) that trigger somebody to behave (compulsions) in effort to cease their intrusive thought patterns. The situation normally consists of signs similar to:

  • Concern of germs, filth, or contamination
  • The necessity for issues to be orderly and symmetrical
  • Undesirable ideas about dropping management and harming self or others

Nonetheless, anger can be generally prevalent in these residing with OCD. In a latest research, half of the topics with OCD skilled anger assaults.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol use dysfunction, also referred to as AUD, is an umbrella time period for alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, and alcohol habit. As of 2019, over 14.5  million folks over the age of 12 in america had been residing with AUD.

As a result of alcohol is a psychoactive drug, it alters your emotions and temper. For instance, intoxicated folks could really feel extra joyful, outgoing, or, sure, indignant. The prevalence of anger amongst individuals who use tobacco, alcohol, or unlawful substances is excessive.

The connection between alcohol and anger is cyclical. Somebody who’s indignant would possibly drink closely to self-medicate, however alcohol abuse can in flip trigger irritation, hostility, and typically extra intense aggression. The cycle can typically proceed except therapy is offered for alcohol abuse and the underlying causes for anger.


Consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD) is a situation that causes an absence of focus and, in some folks, hyperactivity. Many individuals aren’t conscious that anger and frustration are additionally large elements of an ADHD prognosis.

Whereas the diagnostic standards for ADHD don’t embody anger, it’s a basic a part of ADHD for a lot of youngsters and adults. ADHD is understood to trigger issue regulating temper — whether or not that be anger, hyperactivity, pleasure, or aggression.

It’s estimated that about 70% of adults report issues with regulating feelings.

Bipolar dysfunction 

Bipolar dysfunction is a psychological well being situation that causes alternating intervals of mania and melancholy — typically to extreme levels. Many individuals with bipolar dysfunction additionally expertise bipolar rage.

This excessive anger might be very troublesome, because it’s unpredictable and unstable. Typically, there’s no purpose or set off for what causes anger in folks with bipolar dysfunction, and it may possibly present up with out warning.

Two research from the identical analysis staff (2012 and 2014) discovered that folks with bipolar dysfunction present extra episodes of rage and anger than these with out the situation.


Oppositional defiance dysfunction (ODD) is a psychological well being situation most frequently recognized in youngsters. The most typical behavioral signs are defiance and hostility towards authority figures, dad and mom, and friends.

Many instances, youngsters with ODD have frequent anger and resentment.

Intermittent explosive dysfunction

Intermittent explosive dysfunction (IED) has some signs that overlap with ODD, however they’re totally different circumstances. Somebody with IED may have extreme and recurrent outbursts of anger together with:

  • Defiance
  • Bodily aggression in the direction of friends, dad and mom, or authority figures
  • Harming animals and property
  • Self-harm

Whereas intermittent explosive dysfunction isn’t as nicely referred to as another psychological well being circumstances, it reportedly impacts over 7% of adults in america.


Everybody experiences grief in some unspecified time in the future of their lives. It’s the emotional struggling in response to the lack of somebody or one thing in your life.

Whereas grief is commonly marked by emotions of unhappiness and hopelessness, with sure sorts of grief — for instance, when somebody is widowed — the odds of anger are considerably increased.

It doesn’t must be grief over the lack of a partner, although, to trigger anger. The loss of life of a liked one is commonly adopted by vital modifications, like the necessity to transfer to a brand new place, a change in monetary standing, or a change in social standing. It’s widespread for any of those modifications to trigger anger. In actual fact, anger is likely one of the levels of grief that most individuals undergo. 

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